Grateful the morning comes everyday

It was so awesome to walk as the sunrise shined last Friday.
My heart feels at peace when I am in the foothills and I feel the morning gentle breeze.


And it does not not hurt to be with awesome friends there and talk to our hearts content. And laugh, and take pictures, and fill our cups.


Nor does it hurt to see these glimpses of nature, beautiful nature.







How grateful I am for life. A dear friend back home just lost here on earth his grandfather. This grandfather had a mantra: “The best thing in life, is life itself”.  I love life, I love my life. I am grateful for it.

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My journey

If one picture could tell of my journey so far, it would be this one:


 Words cannot describe how much I have learned and lived and much has happened with each one of these precious children. I am in love (most of the time). Leaning to let go and live in the now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is but a dream and hope and at this moment I feel filled with both.

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His head is in my heart

I have this beautiful baby boy who steals my heart everyday. This morning, I asked him: “Donde esta tu cabeza?” (Where is your head?). He knows where it is, he has pointed at it many times… but this morning, he looked at me and waited for me to ask again and then with a wink almost, he put his hand over my heart.  He has heard my beat, he knows where my heart is and in that moment I felt what he was trying to tell me.  A moment to remember and one I feel humbled by. He knows how to speak to my heart, he has done that many times in his short life. I adore you Zanderboysky, thank you for teaching me every day. I just pray I have the attention span to get it.


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I have the best job in the world.

I am home.
I miss home.
I planted a garden today.
I know it is way late in the season, but it is ok.
I re-did our yard in my mind all night long last night.
I sang silly songs to the kids and made raisin faces to them.
They laughed and did not know who I was


I did not cook today, leftovers it is.
I cried about Mackenzie’s arm still being swollen.
I am rocking Kukis in my arms as I type this.
I took a nap (while at work;)
I get to organize and create a school for my kids.
I still have a LOT to unpack, but I get to do it my way and love when I see a vision of an area materialize.
I learned with Jared today that God answers prayers.
Being a Mom, I have the hardest and best job in the world!

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I have always loved winter time, the cold, the snow, the hot chocolate, the snuggling on a cold rainy day, all of what winter brings… until I had children.
Winters are just tooooooo long. I still love snowy days and all the winter fun

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Resurrection Rolls

We LOVE Easter around here. Yet we keep it VERY simple. We do bring out our set of 12 plastic eggs with a few things in them to remind us about events in the last few days- hours of the Savior’s life. We love using those.

A couple of years ago, we also started playing around with this recipe and baking these SUPER EASY rolls that we call Resurrection Rolls. We learned to make them from our Aunt Bonnie; we just have made some changes to make it work for the kids. They love helping to put the marshmallows inside, then as they bake the marshmallows melt and the crescent roll is puffed up, but like the tomb – IT IS EMPTY!
Go make these, you will love them!
Resurrection Rolls

 • 1 can refrigerated crescent roll dough (original)
• 8 large marshmallows
• Melted butter
• Cinnamon
• Sugar

    •  Take one marshmallow, and one crescent roll, wrap the marshmallow with the roll and pinch the openings closed  very well.  Be careful not to leave sections where the roll dough is too thin, for it will break open and the marshmallow will leak.


  • Dip the roll with the marshmallow wrapped inside in the butter and then roll it  in cinnamon and sugar mixture. Bake in cookie sheet at 375 for 15 minutes. Check they are well cooked and remove from oven. If more time is needed, add one minute at a time.    (the package says 11-13 minutes, but with the way this rolls end up being, they need more time, or they remain somewhat gooey and also ovens vary… so just keep an eye.  But 375 for 15 minutes works well for us.
  • Let them cool in the pan before attempting to remove them.
  • Enjoy!



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You just never know if today is a day to use your "Don’t do list"

Many months have gone by. So much has happened in my life and my family’s life. There’s so much I need to do, reflect on and embrace.  As a Mom I have been challenged in ways that I never thought of.  I need to have a date with myself soon (thank you Aaron! for scheduling time for it.  Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed:) ) and cannot even begin to describe how dates with myself help me to  recharge. I love being a Mom. I would not trade it for ANYTHING in the world. No other job, full or part time, no other career can compare to the joy. I am sure there is so much out there I could do, good things out there. Many people I could reach. Exciting careers and things to do outside of my home. But, it is not my place now.

And then, during those hard days as a Mom….because see: I LOVE!!! this job of mine, but it’s not by any means easy. So during the hard days, I make an effort to use my “Don’t do lists” sometimes in my mind, sometimes I write it down.  It goes like this: I say a prayer in my mind, or I just take a moment to ponder and center myself or I get on my knees and out loud I vocalize my ‘overwhelmness’ and ask to know what I need not to do that day.

For example, “Don’t do the dishes, until you play legos with J”  or  “Don’t go to the laundry until you get to read two books to M” or “Don’t vaccum until after you pray and read a verse from your scriptures”.

When the busy items come to the surface, then I can see the essentials and I can smile and slow down to do what will bring balance to my day.

I love my “don’t do lists” as much as I have learned to love my “to do lists” (I have NOT always like lists). But my don’t do lists! they give freedom… we are friends,  and it’s my simple way to face a challenging day or hour in my own way. It works for me and truly helps me to be a better Mom.

These treasures of mine are worth a don’t do list!

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A day to remember

What a day this has been!  Everything is turning green and alive and I want that feeling for my everyday life.  Life is so great and so hard.
For me Mother’s Day is always on the 10th of May. And I think that in my heart it will always be that way. I can celebrate with my mother then on the same day too.
I am grateful for the dream job that I have that gives me such satisfaction and such sorrow sometimes that I even have gray hair to show for it. But I know I can only grow from these experiences as a mother. I saw in my daughter’s eyes today the divinity that lies in each of us. I wanted to squeeze her so tight and I realized that that feeling made my day complete. I know one day she will be a mother of her own (she tells me about it everyday) and I will remember her look as a little girl, innocent, spirited, full of ideas and energy and so huggable. I need to remember those hugs for all my kids specially when I might think is hard to extend those. Then I can continue to grow from this beautiful and hard thing in life called motherhood.
To a Happy Mother’s Day! And the chance we get to learn and grow.
This video has helped me today to stop and think and feel.

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Sometimes all is needed is a nap

When I was in college, a wonderful friend of mine would counsel me to take a nap when things would get fussy and incomprehensible in any way. Today there have been many fussy and incomprehensible moments in our home.  I need to listen to the wise.

So when anybody in this house feels like this:
We must remember to do this:
 And all our dreams can come true.
Then we can start feeling better:
And better:
 That is if a nap does not make you more cranky.
We don’t seem to have that issue over here
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My life as a Mom who’s trying

I have really been trying my best (most of the time) at many things and endeavors in the past few months.  These months of the year have been challenging, beautiful, and full of surprises and emotions.
This is one of the flowers that my husband got me at Easter time. It shows me that God is in charge and that I can trust Him and He will lead my trying until I become what He would like me to become.  He can make it be THAT beautiful!

These are some of the things I have been trying hard to improve on or do:

  • Become a better wife. Life is short and I am one blessed gal to have the husband that I do at my side. I am so grateful for our life together and for him.
  • Exercising. By no means am I perfect, but it sure feels good as I take care of my body. I do it in 10 minute increments and feels doable. 
  • Visiting Teaching. I am constantly reminded of the example my own Mother has set for me on this way to show a token of love. I love the interaction and women I visit. I am trying hard to do my best and as I try I am the one blessed, really. 
  • Mothering. Oh, just the thought brings me to reverence and hair pulling… But I am learning each day nonetheless. I have found treasured pieces here and there and there; as my husband and I are needing them to help us in this adventure and all I can say is: I admire how my Mom did it and I need Heavenly Father’s help every 3 minutes give or take.  Recently I was able to attend a Mother’s Retreat and I found peace in knowing that what I do daily or don’t do in favor of the child(ren) can rock our world here at home.  It was a lot of information that I still need to process  and de-clutter; for not everything I heard there has felt is needed in our home, so I need to decide what to use. I am grateful for the opportunity to go and the break it gave me.
  • Unpacking. It should have happened more than 6 months ago when we moved, but sets of working hands to get it done and finished are in shortage at our household now. I know one day these kids will be grown and I will have many more sets of working hands. But for now, I get to marvel (usually until they are asleep) in their tiny hands and how quick they can make messes, how they really try to play and fix my hair (or attempt to),  how in few years they have learned to work on puzzles, play piano, play ball, ride bikes and scooters and bring down things from our school closet to play just because.  But back to unpacking… I am trying and my solution is  getting rid of stuff more than trying to find a place for it. It feels sooooo good to feel free from stuff. 
  • Eating healthy. I really try and I am learning a lot. I love to feed my family a good wholesome meal.  And when I don’t;  I smile… you know,  to minimize the effect of the junk in our bodies

I feel grateful for my challenges, my family and the love I can feel towards me from different sources. The love keeps me going and I will keep trying.

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